History, Values, and Business Vision

Scott Sinclair founded Tree Harmony Arborists seventeen years ago after training under a senior arborist for a number of years. There he learned tree health and safety, best pruning practices, crew leadership, project pricing and management, and client relations.

Scott has planned, supervised, and successfully completed over 2200 projects in his professional service. The range of work has encompassed difficult technical removals, pruning large trees for safety, classical pruning of leaf trees (such as Japanese Maples), ornamental pruning such as roses, rhododendrons, and trellises, view pruning, and hedge and shrub shaping.

He and his team are dedicated to furnishing the highest level of professional tree care, marked by reliability, safety, integrity, and value. Tree Harmony is committed to building long-term relationships with our clients. We want to be a source of education, inspiration and expertise for their ongoing needs. We work hard to earn positive reviews, and, encourage you to contact some of our clients for their feedback. You may also visit our service area project pages to hear detailed reviews from neighborhoods throughout the Puget Sound.


Our purpose is to serve the Greater Puget Sound with professionalism, integrity and passion. We value building lasting client relationships. We strive to provide first-class service at a competitive price. We are committed to caring for our team of professionals, by providing a safe, challenging, and inspiring work environment where learning and supporting one another are primary. Our profits are shared with the community via a number of charitable causes, as we believe in sharing our blessings with others. We make it a practice to donate work to several local foundations, such as Liberty Road, and Olive Crest.

Let Tree Harmony Arborists protect and enhance the health and beauty of your trees, shrubs, and landscape. Schedule a consultation with us today.

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Need Tree Pruning? Tree Harmony Arborists Can Help

Need Tree Pruning? Tree Harmony Arborists Can Help

With our meticulous pruning techniques, we can shape and maintain the form of these trees and shrubs. We will help lower branches get the sunlight they need and showcase the plant’s distinctive features. You can trust us to preserve the beauty of your cherished ornamental plants.