Latest Projects in Seattle

Seattle, WA

Seattle ~ London Plane pruning

Tree Harmony Arborist pruned a large and over extended London Plane tree recently.   This was critical to the health and safety of the tree, as well as the properties below.   We set this fine tree on a good course.    Good pruning makes a huge difference! We ensured tree health, and gave this beautiful tree a path to it's future.

Seattle, WA

Technical Pruning of Trees

Tree Harmony Arborists pruned a cherry, plum and apple tree for proper structure, circulation, and fruit production.    We completed this project in January of 2023.       It was a pleasure to work with Cora.     Thank You,  Scott

Seattle, WA

Seattle ~ Georgetown Landscape Transplant

Tree Harmony worked with Jamel to transplant a dozen Emerald Green Arborvitae from the rear landscape to the front, to furnish screening to the right of way.   Our crew removed the rear trees and moved and planted them in a beautiful pattern to the front.  This was an extensive project moving quite heavy trees, lasting 2 full days with a large crew.  We also built an irrigation system with dedicated drip watering to each tree.   We ran that under the sidewalk and sourced it to the home water supply. To plant the 20 trees, we hauled an extensive quantity of compost.   This was a privilege working with Jamel to protect and enchance his trees.    We plan to prune them when they fill out, to maintain proper structure and health.

Seattle, WA

Western Red Cedar ~ Beacon Hill, Seattle

Last month we pruned a large cedar on a small, tight lot in Seattle.    We  thinned the crown of deadwood and crowded and unhealthy branches.    We lifted the canopy from the floor and cleared it from the sidewalk and home.    This cedar is on a good path with periodic pruning to remove dead and contain the structure.
May 01, 2023
Tree Harmony did a great job pruning and thinning a Cedar Tree in our Front Yard that had grown beyond our yards space. They were timely, professional and thorough. We loved their work and will use them again.

Seattle, WA

Seattle Tree Pruning

We completed a comprehensive tree pruning project last month for a new client in Loyal Heights in Ballard.    We worked on several dozen trees, including Japanese Maples, ornamental maple and dogwood, ewe, stewartia, bay laurel, and andromeda.   The project encompassed a full day with our crew.   We set the trees on a proper pruning cycle, furnish proper clearance from the home, and enhanced our client's tree health.


6 Essential Tips for a Successful Tree Installation

6 Essential Tips for a Successful Tree Installation

Whether you aim to enhance your landscape’s beauty, provide shade, support wildlife, or simply add greenery, thoughtful planning and proper execution make a big difference. Here are some helpful tips to help your trees flourish for many years to come.

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Seattle Arborist Services

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Our clients often seek our expertise to assess and improve the well-being and safety of their trees. We conduct thorough evaluations and provide professional recommendations for long-term health. If we find that pruning or any other treatment is unnecessary, we will communicate that clearly. Our objective is to serve our clients with unwavering integrity, a deep enthusiasm for education, and genuine joy!

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Regular and consistent pruning of trees in urbanized areas brings numerous benefits. It enhances their lifespan, boosts their resistance against diseases and decline, increases their value, and allows owners to relish their beauty while ensuring safety. Restorative pruning plays a vital role in rectifying improper pruning, addressing damage caused by natural factors or diseases, and guiding trees towards healthy growth. Whether pruning for aesthetic purposes, clearance, or to allow filtered sunlight, it is possible to achieve these objectives without compromising the tree's overall health and vitality.

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While we recognize the importance of speed and efficiency in delivering value to our clients, we never compromise on safety for the sake of expediency. The well-being of our crew and the protection of property always take precedence. If a project necessitates an additional day of work, we remain dedicated to completing it thoroughly, ensuring both safety and adherence to the terms outlined in our contract. We are proud to state that we have never experienced any incidents of damage or accidents.

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  • Treatment for Disease and Nutritional Feeding
  • Transplant
  • New Tree Selection and Installation
  • Landscape Design
  • Stump Grinding and Root Removal
  • Consulting and Permitting