Our company is dedicated to furnishing our clients with a full range of arborist services. Our projects are often comprehensive in nature; that is, we typically consult on a number of trees as to their health and safety. By providing a comprehensive team of professionals who are exceptional pruners, and, are skilled and safe at difficult removals, we are able to work with the needs of our client and recommend the most prudent course of action.


Frequently our client needs a professional evaluation to determine how to enhance and preserve the health and safety of their trees. We diagnose and offer a prescription for long-term health. If pruning or other treatment is not warranted, we will convey that. Our goal is to serve our clients with integrity, educational passion, and joy!


Most trees in urbanized areas benefit from consistent pruning at regular intervals. This improves their longevity, resistance to disease and decline, adds to their value, and affords the owner the enjoyment of their beauty and the assurance of their safety. Restorative pruning is imperative to correct poor pruning, damage due to natural elements or disease, and set a tree’s course on a good path to future growth. Pruning for view, clearance, or filtered sunlight is a viable objective; which, when done well will not compromise the health and vitality of the tree.


Our team has undertaken and successfully completed some of the most difficult and arduous removal projects. Tree Harmony has utilized its expertise to undertake a wide range of removal projects to ensure their client’s safety – we are proud of our impeccable history of safety. While speed and efficiency are crucial to providing the client with good value for their invested dollars, safety of the crew and property is of the highest priority. We will not compromise safety with shortcuts of any kind. If a project requires additional day of work, we will finish the project completely, safely, and as promised under contract. We are proud to say we have never incurred damage or an accident.

  • Treatment for Disease and Nutritional Feeding
  • Transplant
  • New Tree Selection and Installation
  • Landscape Design
  • Stump Grinding and Root Removal
  • Consulting and Permitting