tree pruning Many trees need tree pruning to stay healthy, produce fruit, or look their best. If you like gardening and prune your own shrubs, you’re probably wondering if you can prune your trees as well. Trees are usually more complicated to prune than smaller plants. While you may be able to prune some smaller trees yourself, it often makes sense to hire a trained arborist for the job, even if you’re confident in your green thumb. We’ve provided some guidelines here on when you should seek a professional arborist’s help.

When to Do Your Own Tree Pruning

If you are an experienced gardener with plenty of time on your hands, you can probably do your own pruning as long as your trees are small. You can prune many smaller trees the same way you would prune small shrubs with similar branching structures. However, it’s still a good idea to talk to an arborist about the best pruning approach for your tree species. This is especially true if you want your tree to grow into a particular shape.

When to Hire a Professional Arborist for Tree Pruning Service

tree pruning If your tree branches are large or you’re not an experienced gardener, your best bet is to hire a professional arborist. Most larger trees require special pruning equipment. Pruning can also be dangerous, both for the person pruning and the surrounding property, so it’s better for someone with more qualifications, experience, and insurance to do the job. Here are a few situations where it makes sense to hire an arborist for tree pruning service:

Your Trees Are Large

Professional arborists have the training and equipment to prune trees of all sizes. They can identify the best places to prune for your tree’s health, aesthetics, and your home’s safety. They’re also likely to have equipment like pole pruners or chainsaws that can prune larger, higher branches.

Your Tree Is Near a Building

If your trees are located near your home, other buildings, or power lines, you should definitely get a professional to do the pruning. Trimming trees in these locations often requires specialized knowledge and equipment if you want to avoid the risk of property damage. An arborist will be able to prune your trees in these areas without causing any harm.

You’re Worried About Tree Health

An arborist can also help identify any issues or diseases your trees may have. They can often identify problems before they become safety problems or eyesores. If they do a tree health inspection as well as pruning, they may be able to provide solutions to help your trees thrive.

You Need Help With Shaping or Fruit Production

A professional arborist can also help with shaping and fruit production. They can help you achieve the desired look for your yard or garden. They can also help you get more fruit on the lower branches of your tree.

You’re Disappointed With Your Own Tree Pruning

Another reason to hire an arborist is if you are disappointed with your own pruning. You want your trees to be as healthy and beautiful as possible, and there’s no shame in getting help from a pro. An arborist will be better equipped to help you achieve your tree goals.

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