“Scott did some work for us about five years ago. The trees have been doing great ever since.

About a month ago, Scott stopped by to see how everything was. He took me out into the yard and showed me a few more things that now needed attention. The things he pointed out were obvious once he showed them to me. He brought his crew in within a week and had everything trimmed up and on their way to good health once again. Clean-up was great – you’d never know how much debris had been on the ground earlier in the day!

We didn’t get other bids this time – basically the cost seemed reasonable for the work done and we knew Scott had done good work from our past experience with him. We were pleased once again.”

Laura Z.

(Bellevue, WA)

“I hired Tree Harmony Arborists to perform a landscape consultation and make recommendations to care for our trees. This is the second project Scott has helped us with. About three years ago he completed an extensive project pruning large fir, magnolia, and laurel trees. His service was tremendous and the value we received for the dollars invested was very fair.

On this occasion, Scott and his crew tended to our smaller leaf trees such as Japanese maples, cherries, and camellias. They also thoroughly pruned some twenty two rhododendrons, giving them a dignified shape and affording them some light. Our landscape looks remarkably lighter and more pleasing, with more focus to our prominent trees. Scott’s sense of design and care for the health of our trees is very appreciate.

I wanted to write this to compliment the Tree Harmony team as well as give them our highest rating. I appreciate their professionalism, skill, safety, and thoroughness.”

Scott B.

(Kirkland, WA)

“Scott Sinclair and his hard working crew from Tree Harmony Arborists recently trimmed and pruned a yard full of mature overgrown trees and bushes in the yard of an older home we purchased and are remodeling in the Enatai neighborhood in Bellevue, WA. This is the second project Tree Harmony has helped us with. Several years ago his crew did an exceptional job pruning several large hedges.

We have a 140 foot tall fir tree, as well as a number of species of smaller trees, large 40-year-old camellia bushes and many rhododendrons. All were were neglected, overgrown and crowded. The fir tree was dangerous. The work took three or four days and resulted in tons of debris. The pruning was very well done, bringing more light as well into our home.

After it was done and well cleaned up the plants and trees look great and we are looking forward to the spring bloom to see them in their restored glory. Scott is very knowledgeable, patient, and professional. He took the time to explain what needed to be done and offered to teach us how to care for them in the future. The plants and trees are healthier and our yard looks so much better. The job was well done.

We heartily recommend Scott and his company without reservation.”

Vali S.

(Bellevue, WA)

“I have a giant cedar tree next to my house and every winter I’m sure it will come crashing down my roof. Scott came over to give me a professional opinion. He said the tree was fine and we looked at all of the trees that line my property. The issue was that the branches of the cedar and about 4 other trees were really too thick. Scott explained about tree health, tree care, and protecting the trees as an investment.

I have about 25 trees, planted about 50 years ago.Scott and his crew pruned the trees, hauled away 3 loads of branches, and cleaned up. They even had to deal with one of my dogs in the yard because she wanted to watch. They were very nice and worked around the 2 cars I have stored in the backyard.

I would not hesitate to recommend Scott and his tree guys. He certainly knows his stuff. Now I can get through the fall and winter without worrying about that tree…cheers to winter!”

Andrea H.

“We had Scott take care of our trees in the front yard and were extremely pleased with the result. He was able to save two of our trees that were threatened with “Bag Worms” and they are healthy and vibrant as a result. We would highly recommend Scott to anyone who really cares about their trees.”

John & Kathy E.

“This was the second time we used Scott Sinclair at Tree Harmony to service our trees around our residence in north Bellevue. We have a number of tall trees and were concerned about the wind blowing them down on our house. Also, we wanted the trees to be healthy and look good, particularly since our trees are our view.

Scott did an excellent job surveying the job, discussing our options and his recommendations and providing a specific estimate with a site map and everything. We were told exactly what to expect in advance and even when we had to reschedule, he was accommodating and worked with us to make us happy.

Scott and his team were on time and were very focused on safety. When trimming the trees, they were careful to make sure the guys used appropriate safety gear and that our lawns and plants were protected from damage. Scott was on site supervising most if not all of the time and he really knows what he is doing.

The job was done on time and within the estimate and now we have the peace of mind of knowing that our trees are unlikely to blow down in the next storm. And if the sun ever comes out, we will have more natural light on our patio!!

Thanks to Scott and his guys for a great job!!”


(Bellevue, WA)


6 Essential Tips for a Successful Tree Installation

6 Essential Tips for a Successful Tree Installation

Whether you aim to enhance your landscape’s beauty, provide shade, support wildlife, or simply add greenery, thoughtful planning and proper execution make a big difference. Here are some helpful tips to help your trees flourish for many years to come.