How do you decide if a tree is hazardous or dangerous to the welfare of your family and property? Determining which trees need to be removed can be difficult; sometimes trees need to be removed because they have been damaged by weather, be it storms, lightening, or battered by the wind over time.

Disease, insect infestation, and rotten or lost branches threaten the tree’s health and safety, which suggests an evaluation is warranted. They may have become overgrown, a nuisance to clearance or access, or impinge on your property (such as damage to foundations and walkways). We will work with you in thoroughly dissecting these and other pertinent factors and promise to help you in making a wise decision.

We have experience in removing the most difficult of trees, as well as an impeccable safety record; thus, you will be assured that when you contact us for tree removal, we will furnish you with professional expertise. Whether you are a homeowner, business owner, or contractor, we can assist you with every aspect of your tree care requirements. As licensed contractors, we are bonded and insured for your protection.

Customer Testimonial

“Tree Harmony came out to our property up by the high school in Duvall. We were concerned about some large, dying alders as well as a cottonwood that were very close to our new custom home. Their crew was extremely professional, displaying great skill as they moved confidently from tree to tree dropping them with precision and safety.

A good value at a fair price, and one of the benefits was our great night’s sleep during the next wind storm…Priceless!”

Gary F.

(Duvall, WA)


6 Essential Tips for a Successful Tree Installation

6 Essential Tips for a Successful Tree Installation

Whether you aim to enhance your landscape’s beauty, provide shade, support wildlife, or simply add greenery, thoughtful planning and proper execution make a big difference. Here are some helpful tips to help your trees flourish for many years to come.