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If you own property in the Pacific Northwest, you probably have at least a few trees in your yard. You may have a vague idea that you need regular tree service to keep them healthy and unlikely to fall. But how do you know when your trees need servicing?

Whether your trees need frequent trimming or occasional testing for disease, an experienced arborist can help you out. Here’s a quick guide to how often you should get tree service.

Do My Trees Need Tree Service?

The short answer is yes. Any tree can benefit from regular tree service. How often you need tree service will depend on the age, species, and condition of the tree, among other factors.

Evergreen Trees

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Evergreen trees tend to be low-maintenance. These trees are mostly self-sufficient, even when they’re somewhat close to buildings. Though they might not need much routine maintenance, having them inspected annually is always a good idea to ensure they are healthy.

When it comes to upkeep, evergreens typically don’t require trimming or pruning. The exceptions are when the branches are diseased or dead or when the tree is right next to a building or power line. Evergreens tend to get rid of dying branches on their own, so if you notice that your trees are not getting rid of these branches, you should call an arborist.

Some of the most common evergreen trees in the Pacific Northwest are Douglas Firs, Western Red Cedars, and Western Hemlocks. These trees all have similarly low maintenance needs.

Fruit Trees

Fruit trees tend to be more high-maintenance than other types of trees. They require more pruning and picking to stay healthy, productive, and beautiful. If you plan on harvesting fruit from your trees, it is always a good idea to have your trees inspected — not only to check their health, but also to help them produce more of the fruit you love.

Many fruit trees need to be pruned every year. The best time to prune trees is during the autumn and winter months, when the trees are in their dormant state. Your trees may need to be trimmed during the growing season as well, depending on their health and other factors.

The most common fruit trees that grow in the Pacific Northwest are apple, pear, cherry, and nut trees. Some varieties are more prone to disease than others.

How Often to Get Tree Service in the Puget Sound Area

How often you need tree service depends on the trees you have on your property. Living in Western Washington, you likely have evergreens, which tend not to need as much service. Other trees that grow in the Puget Sound area, like fruit trees, may need more service.

Generally, younger trees are going to need more pruning than older ones. If you want your trees to be shaped a particular way, you may need to get them trimmed more than once a year. Ultimately, an arborist would know the best time to inspect and trim your particular trees.

If you are looking for a trained arborist to help with tree service in the Seattle area, Tree Harmony Arborists can help you out. Our team has been working on Puget Sound trees for many years, and we know the best ways to care for your trees.

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