Tree Pruning

Some trees need more than just rainfall and a little sunshine to look their best. Many fruit trees, hedge plants, and ornamental trees need pruning to stay healthy and grow into the right shape.

At Tree Harmony Arborists, we take pride in offering professional pruning services to enhance your outdoor space. Whether you have fruit trees, ornamental trees, or tall hedges, our experienced team is here to provide top-notch care.

Fruit Tree Pruning

The right kind of pruning can improve a fruit tree’s health and make it more productive. Our skilled arborists know how to prune a variety of fruit trees, including pear, plum, peach, apple, fig, and cherry trees.

By carefully removing deadwood, improving sunlight exposure, and balancing the tree’s structure, we can help you get more fruit. Whether you aim for bountiful harvests or want to revitalize neglected fruit trees, our expert pruning services will help your orchard thrive.

Ornamental Tree and Shrub Pruning

Tree Pruning

Ornamental trees and shrubs bring beauty and elegance to any outdoor space. But without regular pruning, these trees can become overgrown, stunted, or less nice looking. Our team is well-versed in pruning a range of ornamental species, including Japanese maples, dogwoods, magnolias, stewartia, ornamental cherries, and willows.

With our meticulous pruning techniques, we can shape and maintain the form of these trees and shrubs. We will help lower branches get the sunlight they need and showcase the plant’s distinctive features. You can trust us to preserve the beauty of your cherished ornamental plants.

Hedge Pruning

Hedges serve as natural screens, privacy barriers, and defining features in many outdoor spaces. But without regular pruning, they can become unruly and obstructive. Some hedges grow top-heavy, making it hard for lower branches to get sunlight and leading to a bare appearance near the roots.

Our team can prune and shape every kind of hedge that is common in the Puget Sound area. We are adept at pruning English laurel, Leylandii cyprus, yew, emerald green arborvitae, holly, and Portuguese laurel hedges. We can also give you advice on when to prune your hedges if you want to do the work yourself.

Through precise trimming and shaping, we can maintain your desired hedge height, density, and form. We will ensure your hedge provides the privacy you want and remains a stunning focal point in your yard or landscape.

About Our Arborist Services

At Tree Harmony Arborists, we understand the importance of proper pruning. Our goal is to maintain the health, beauty, and longevity of your trees, shrubs, and hedges.

Our professional team has the knowledge, experience, and passion to deliver exceptional pruning results. Whether you have fruit trees, ornamental trees, hedges, or other kinds of trees, we are committed to making your outdoor space thrive.

Don’t wait for your trees and plants to become overgrown or lackluster. Contact Tree Harmony Arborists today and let our expert pruning services transform your outdoor space into a picturesque haven of natural beauty. We will create a flourishing landscape that leaves a lasting impression on your visitors.

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