Hiring An Arborist:
Our Philosophy

Within our industry there exists tremendous variability in the skill, safety, and even pricing of arborist services. There can be a great deal of difference in the outcomes; that is, the quality of workmanship and the benefit to the client.
We believe it is vital for a potential client to feel respected, comfortable, and safe in their relationship with their arborist and crew.

Feel free to call several of our clients who will share their experience. I will arrange that for you.
Or even visit several projects nearby to see firsthand the impact our work has had, be it difficult removals, excellent pruning, or new tree selection.

Your arborist must clearly convey the rationale for how a project will be designed and carried out, as well as paint a clear vision as to the desired outcomes. As well, they must help educate you as to why work is done in such a fashion. I promise to furnish you with that. Our hope at Tree Harmony is that we may establish and grow a long-term quality relationship with you the client.

— Scott Sinclair

Client Testimonial

“We had Tree Harmony Arborists wind sail (trim/thin out) four of the giant Douglas Fir trees in our backyard. Scott, the owner, came out and gave me an estimate and advised us on what he thought needed to be done. He was extremely professional, easy to talk to, and knew what he was talking about! He explained the reasons why he thought something needed to be done and also explained the process of how everything would work.

After talking with Scott, there was no question that we would go with his company. They don’t just take down or trim trees, he really knows trees and that was important to us. He even gave us advice on some things that we could do to keep our trees healthier. As an added bonus, the price he quoted us was better than other quotes we got.

On the day of the service, two men from the company showed up. Like Scott, they were very professional. They got
to work immediately and were so quiet! My neighbors and I actually gathered across the street to watch them work high up in our fir trees. They did an AMAZING job! Unlike some chop jobs, the trees didn’t look like they had a bad haircut, they just looked so much more cleaned up and were definitely safer and more capable of withstanding our crazy NW wind storms!

What I really thought was great was that at the end of the job, you would never know that they had been in our backyard. They cleaned everything up- raking my yard and actually leaving it in better shape than when they started the job.

Scott followed up the next day to make sure that we were happy with the job (which we were!). It was a great experience! I have recommended Tree Harmony Arborists to several people and will continue to do so. We also plan to
use the company again when we go to have some trees in the front yard trimmed. In our opinion, if you need tree service, Tree HarmonyᅠArborists is the only way to go!”

Amy S.

(Issaquah, WA - March 2014)


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